How I Got Built – Part 2

When I was about six months old we moved to an  apartment in Arlington, VA. My dad wanted to resume his career with the federal government where he had worked prior to joining the Navy. He worked for the Veterans Administration until his retirement in 1975. 

We lived in the apartment for about a year until my parents bought a house not too far away.

Our first house as it looks today.

A few years ago Gerry and I  were at a conference in Arlington and we decided to drive by this house. My heart was pounding because I didn’t even know if the house was still there. Well, it was there and I thought it was beautiful because it was so well maintained and it had been enlarged. I still had memories of some of the things about it that had not been changed. It was bittersweet  to see the house for the first time in many years and yet there is no one alive except for me who had even been in the house when we lived there. 

The house was small with two bedrooms and an adjoining bath so after my brother was born my parents began looking for a larger home.

Our second house in Arlington as it looks today.

I haven’t driven by this house and I don’t really remember much about our time there. One thing I do remember is the large pink dogwood tree in the back yard. I had a casement window and when I rolled it open in the spring before the screens were up, the dogwood branch would come right in my window. I loved letting the branch in when it was blooming. A very happy memory.

This house was on a corner lot and the driveway entered the street right at the corner and my brother liked to play at the foot of the driveway. My mother was just sure he would get killed by a car coming around the corner, so instead of keeping him away from the driveway, the search began for house number three.

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