I have discovered that when I travel long distances I only need three things, a good audio mystery, great music and snacks. Also helpful are gas stations with clean restrooms. After my eleven hour trip home on Monday, I was still high from the wonderful weekend in Cambridge, NY where I attended Creative Workshops nd the Bedlam Farm Open House. I met some great new friends and reconnected with old friends, learned a few things and laughed more than I have in a long time.

When I arrived home, I discovered I had velcro pets. Usually our animals are pretty independent but I must have been missed a lot. The dogs would not let me out of their sight, the cats surrounded me in bed, and the uncaged parrots followed me around, landing on my shoulder or head. Gerry has started wearing an old hat around the house for painless head landings and I may have to do the same.

One of our parrots, Merlin, is a Military Macaw. We rehomed him last February when we found out through the vet that his owner had to move quickly. He is absolutely gorgeous but, for some reason, he doesn’t fly. His wings appear to be okay and I don’t have the backstory. Anyway, Merlin has a cage but Opus, the African Grey, lets him out whenever we forget to wrap the cage with bungee cords. Merlin slowly waddles into the kitchen, the cats know to steer clear, and there he wreaks his havoc. He is like a two year old with a can opener on his face. He climbs onto the counters, tears open packages of food, throws things on the floor and tries to incite the dogs. He especially loves me and yesterday he even followed me up the stairs. We have to be careful not to step on him.

With all of the chaos, one might wonder why we have these animals. I would agree that it isn’t always easy but they provide a lot of pleasure. The cats are all rescues and most have special needs, at least half of the parrots are rescues, and the dogs are our special companions. Since we are retired now we can spend time with them and use them for special endeavors. Tug is a therapy dog who works with kids and loves his job. Mackay is on a tricks team along with his obedience training and will attend community events.

I hope I am able to tap into my creativity and keep the flow going, I would like to reach the point that I need to write something almost every day and that I will begin to feel that what I do is worth writing about. I have had some awesome coaching, now let the blogging begin….

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